The essence of the festival


  • No need to change, fix or develop yourself – Here you are welcome exactly as you are.
  • Together we remind each other of the inner love & strength we already have inside. By being together around singing, sharing, playing & simply letting ourselves be seen and embraced by the moment and each other.
  • The structure and practical-frame is created in a simple co-creation spirit - For example you help cleaning your own plate and give a hand when it is needed.

     We rest into the magic spirit of “everything is solved and created effortlessly”.

  •  We feel strongly for a space where mobiles, ipads etc. are on vacation.

      Instead we invite adults and children to explore the moment and see what happens!

  • You can come Friday for a cozy "free of program" evening and sleepover in own tent. Saturday we have a full program with workshops, music and free time to connect. If you like you can sleepover to Sunday in own tent. So, if you want to come friday-Sunday you buy a "Sleep over ticket Friday" + "Festival Ticket + "Sleep over ticket Saturday". You see more info here in the meny "Tickets".

A little bit more about the essence of this festival:

"What touches me most when we gather people at GAIA for our Play Full Hearts events, is the HUGE amount of love, willingness, wisdom, creativity and craziness that lives INSIDE the people who come.
So what we actually have to offer at our festival is YOU!
It is so MAGIC when a group of people can meet (in the beginning not knowing each other, a little insecure, closed of, hesitating)....and then after just an hour or so, we have opened up to a much WIDER way of being together.....This ability lives inside al of US.
Daniel and I are looking so much forward to meeting you in this space where we wake up ourselves to the RANGE of possibilities we have together. To see what will happen when WE make ourselves so SAFE, that we dare to actually just be...and see what happens when we don't push away what is right now, but take each others hands and RIDE THE WAVE of here and now.
Together with you I realise, again and again that I am so much MORE than I can imagine myself to be - we are beyond our wildest fantasies..."  From The festival planners, Carmen - with Daniel by her side <3

Here is a little video from our last festival... This just happened improvised....Crazy, playfull, loving & creative!!!!