The festival is located around our GAIA Center in Höör – at an old manor (en gammal herrgård) with a charming big barn, green lawns & view right into nature.
Inside: In the Big Barn everyone can gather for heart-meetings, concerts and workshops.
We also have our GAIA room in which we will have workshops during the day and the children will have their space in the evening.
If we will be blessed with a rainy day it is not a problem to find space for everyone inside.
Outside: With the forest & small ponds as neighbours we are gifted with great nature as a supportive friend of the festival. Outside we have a big sitting area where you can eat, lie in a hammock or play in the grass. By car you reach a swimming lake in about 8 minutes.


GAIA center
intustrigatan 5
243 52 Höör